Indirect Water Heaters


What are they?

Tired of taking a cold shower in the morning? Use the power of your hot water boiler to heat the water in your house, virtually as fast as you can use it! Along with always having hot water you get the efficiency of your current boiler. The tank comes with a limited lifetime warranty so it's the last hot water heater you will ever have to purchase! 

How they work?

We run a supply and return pipe to your new indirect hot water heater from your boiler. Then hook up the hot and cold house water on the top of the indirect hot water tank. As the hot boiler water circulates through a coil inside the tank, it heats using the hot water of your boiler  instead of a flame to heat the water. Using this method, the heat is spread out more evenly than a conventional heater, giving you the highest efficiency, dependability and cost effectiveness on the market.